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                   Matt Culloty and Timmy Carey preparing for a night dive in the Blackwater Rive

In May 2014, twelve Blackwater club divers took part in an ecological study on the river Blackwater to look for freshwater crawfish.  At that time, the study was considered a success, as two healthy crawfish were found during the night dive. Much of the Blackwater has soft acidic water even though alkaline hard water is generally needed for a freshwater crawfish to secrete a new exoskeleton. Therefore, to find a healthy crawfish (which looks like a miniature lobster) was a great discovery.

Last Tuesday night, two club divers, Timmy Carey and Matt Culloty completed a night dive in the same location and were astounded to find ten healthy crawfish in the same stretch of water.  Most importantly, these crawfish are considered an ecologically important species, proving to be a great sign. Freshwater crawfish are declining in numbers in much of Europe with Ireland now having some of the most important habitats for the species.

Coxswain training completed during difficult weather conditions

With strong gale force winds at sea during the weekend, Sunday was used to good effect, where a group of divers headed for Crosshaven to log some hours in rough sea conditions inside Cork Harbour. Organised by Timmy Carey, club coxswain candidate’s Kenneth Barry and George Goggin practised techniques such as high speed handling, reversing, tying alongside a pier and mooring, man overboard, transits, compass work and towing. Both club members will soon be ready to undergo examination with external examiners. Well done to both Kenneth and George and best of luck with your examinations.

Annual Church gate collections

Blackwater Search and Recovery Unit church gate collections will be held week ending 17th & 18th September in Cappoquin and Lismore also week ending 24th and 25th September in Fermoy.  As with every organisation, fundraising is always difficult, but we are always grateful for the tremendous support that is received from the public.