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Plans a foot for St Stephens day finswim for Blackwater divers

On St Stephens morning while most people will be relaxing after christmas the Blackwater divers will be doing our annual St Stephens morning finswim which is used as a fundraiser for the search and recovery unit. As per the last few years there will be a staggered
start with some of the group starting earlier in the morning from Ballyhooly bridge ( about 6 miles) with the remainder starting from Castlehyde (about 2.5 miles); Olan O Farrell will be manning the rescue launch as safety cover for the event. For club members or
supporters who would like to partake or assist with the fundraising or even the logistics of dropping the divers off to the start line on the morning; contact the club search and recovery officer David Carey at 086-8523928. For everyone who takes part the finswim will act as the divers in water fitness test which we all have to do on annual basis for insurance purposes.
Last weekend Graham Burke organised some early Sunday morning finswimming from the clubhouse to Careysville weir, with Olan acting as safety cover with the club launch. With a well swollen river from the recent rainfall and the river a very choclately brown, the divers made the best of the conditions and despite the chilly conditions all had covered the course in less than 45 minutes in what was a very enjoyable finswim.
Over the past 2 weekends the search unit have had our annual flag days in both Fermoy and Mitchelstown and thanks to everyone who both contributed and assisted with same; without these generous contributions the search unit could not continue. All funds raised go 100% towards club equipment and facilities with all the divers paying for their own equipment, medical expenses and training courses. In addition all the dive training that takes places during the year has no cost to the the club as all training expenses are covered every
week by the divers partaking - which is the reason why the search unit can thrive with such meager resources.
For anyone who ever passes Rathealy road midweek at night and they see the lights of our clubhouse on late at night, there is a very good chance that the lights are down to Olan O Farrell and Eugene Whelan carrying out equipment maintenance ; which they always do in a quiet manner with the equipment maintained to an excellent standard on a consistent basis; last week midweek they both fitted a new GPS and VHF radio to one of the club launches. The fact that we can carry out so much of this specialised work at no cost saves the search unit a fortune and is huge benefit for the club; well done to both.
Last week also saw Graham Burke and Mark Lane carry out a midweek night dive in Fermoy and during this dive they made some remarkable observations , there will be more articles about what they found in the next few weeks, but this will serve as proof positive that
adventureous diving is available to everyone who makes the effort; well done to both.
In the coming weeks the clubs training officer Graham Burke will be launching an ambitious training plan for 2014 that should draw big interest from both inside and outside the club and details will be released once the last of the logistics are finalised.

                       Night diving in the river Blackwater last week Graham Burke and Mark Lane

                        Timmy Carey, Graham Burke and Billy Carr on the slipway in Fermoy last Sunday                                           morning prior to finswimming to Careysville weir

         Relaxing outside the clubhouse after last Sunday mornings finswim, sitting on the ornamental railway seat on the promenade Timmy Carey, Olan O Farrell, Billy Carr and Graham Burke