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In this section you will find articles on pleasure dives that have taken place with the Blackwater Sub Aqua Unit. 

Other Archives Items can be found in the downloads section accessible here.



Attended by almost a thousand people, the unveiling of two anchors from the 1916 gun-running ship, the Aud took place in the Brandon Conference Centre in Tralee on Friday, 12th February last.  The Aud is considered to be one of the most significant events in 1916 outside Dublin.  At the event hosted by the Tralee Bay Heritage Association, the German Ambassador Matthias Hopfner and Minister Jimmy Deenihan performed the unveiling.

The excitement was almost palpable as the two anchors were unveiled from under a black cloth, after being recovered from the seabed in 2012.  Special guests included divers from the Blackwater Sub Aqua Club Tim Carey, Gearoid O Looney and Peter Mullen who were involved in the archaeological recovery of the anchors.  A slideshow provided detailed images and information of the recovery off Cork Harbour by the Blackwater SAC.

Annual excursion to Bere Island falls foul of the weather.

Last weekend saw a group of ten divers travel to Bere Island for a weekend of training.  With Bere Island being quite sheltered, unfortunately for everyone,   the weather was atrocious for the entire weekend, resulting in only four dives being logged under extreme challenging conditions. Despite the weather,   a great weekend of training was had by all. Many thanks to Graham and Elden.

Search and Recovery Course

Ten divers from clubs around the regions including Lough Derg ,  UCC,  Daunt and Cork Sub Aqua successfully completed their Search & Recovery course this weekend. With a number of different underwater search patterned completed at Knockananig reservoir. Having completed a full lecture program the previous day culminating in a theory written exam. The course was organised by club instructor and Search & Recovery coordinator  Noel Hayes. All diving was carried out under the watchful and experienced eye of our Search & Recovery Dive Officer Dave Carey ably assisted by Club instructors Finbarr Murphy & Mossy Carroll.  All our Search & Recovery equipment was well presented in full working order by Olan O Farrell, Ken Barry and Eugene Whelan. A very successful weekend course was had by one and all. Thanks to all involved.


Weekend of Training in Bere Island
L to R: Peter Whelan, Catriona Mathews, Alex Browne, Elden Keegan, Graham Burke, Paul O Dwyer, Gearoid O Looney, Tim Carey, Eric O Neill and Mark Lane taking photo.


A Shackle of streaming anchor after hand cleaning to bare metal

Blackwater Divers Gearoid O Looney and Graham Burke preparing to dive the wreck of the Aud in Cork Harbour 2012

Search & Rescue Course included divers from Lough Derg, UCC, Daunt and Cork Sub Aqua Clubs.


Members of the Blackwater SAC who took part in the Aud anchors unveiling in Tralee.
L to R: Minister Jimmy Deenihan, Gearoid O Looney, Catriona Mathews, Tim Carey , Peter Mullen, Matt Culloty, Finbarr Murphy, German Ambassador Matthias Hopfner





Blackwater Sub Aqua Head to open water

Three months of training consisting of weekly lectures and pool skills have now being completed by this years contingent of trainee divers from Blackwater Sub Aqua club. The commitment required by the trainees, instructors and club members is not to be underestimated, and the work put in by all concerned will now pay off, with open water dives taking place from last week. The first of the open water dives took place at Knockananig reservoir. Even the most hardened diver may dive the reservoir with trepadation. Often dark and cold, if the divers can cope with these conditions, they should handle most sea conditions comfortably.  The divers were treated to 2 meters visibility and all performed really well, showing excellent buoyancy and finning skills.  Such was the enthusiasm of the trainees, on Sunday most got back in the water to dive the Blackwater for the first time. Once again due to the recent rain fall, conditions we not the best, with limited visibility and fast moving river. Well done to all our trainees, hopefully with improving conditions, the next dive will be at sea.



The search and recovery unit commenced a training program last week, for those members interested on the use of the side scan sonar equipment. Two of this year’s trainee divers are amongst this group, thanks to Ken Barry, Eugene Whelan and Olan O Farrell for their assistance on this. Blackwater Instructors Matt Culloty and Richard Vaughan held a series of lectures on Saturday, for divers from UCC SAC and Cork SAC intending on completing the Leading Diver exams this year. Best of luck to all those who will undergo this difficult exam. For further information www.blackwatersubaquaclub.ie or visit our facebook page.

Blackwater Sub Aqua prepares for new Trainees

As the new year has being busy so far the club instructors under the guidance of Training Officer Elden Keegan and Dive officer Graham Burke its full steam ahead for the new class of trainee divers.  With over ten participants for this year’s course the next 13 weeks will be busy for all.  Without the support of all members giving you the time and effort the club would find it very hard to grow in strength.  Wishing all new participants the very best and hope fully before the spring is out these new members will have experienced the open water of the Irish Coast line. 
Upcoming lectures, Blackwater Sub Aqua are delighted to have Martin Kiely back to share his knowledge and experience in Underwater Photography.   This lecture is starting at 7.30pm on Friday 6th of February.  Following on from the recent NAS underwater Archaeology Course Tim Carey will be giving a lecture in Wreck Diving on Monday 2nd March at 7.30pm.  A cover charge of €5 will be applied to each event.
A Club Training weekend will take place this weekend in west Cork.  This weekend will give divers an opportunity to get in some shallow to deeper dives in preparation for the coming season.  The weekend will also allow trainee coxswains ample opportunity to log up hours and prepare for their exams.   With a lot of planning in place full gratitude must be given to dive Officer Graham Burke who is planning the weekend keeping in mind and catering for all.  



Finbarr Murphy and Eamon O Herlihy on a recent dive in Portroe Dive Centre